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Up Lighting

Up Lighting Can Transform A Room

I can make a normal room into a look that will make your guest impress and remember the  night. The Lights I have are the top of the line that are wireless and battery powered. Whats that mean for you. Fast setup and no tripping hazards  and no need to tape wires down. There LED lights that don’t get hot either so in the past the lights that where used was with a 250 watt lights to make the colors look nice. Then each lights needed to be plugged in and you only can do the one color for the night. The newer lights you could change the the colors but still every light needed to be plugged in and the wires needed to run to each other to be able to change colors. Then the wires need to be tapped down so no one would trip on the wires.

Up Lighting that I have

The lights I have are Led so they don’t get hot. So just in case a child touches the lights they won’t get burned from the lights. The Coloring of the lights can be almost any color possible. With the new technology The lights have 6 colors built in to mix to make that perfect color for you including Black lights too. The lights are wireless so no cords to plug into across the room and then need to tape them down. There also battery powered and can go for 14 hrs. So no worries of them dying  during a lightning event.


Up Lighting Photo Shoot.

I was invited to bring my new up lights to the Lions Gate Conference Hotel to a photo shoot lights. I took a few but will be getting professional pictures from the photographer of the up lighting. The Christmas lights are not mine. The lights under tables, along the fence and the ones on the building are mine. The lights can do any color possible including UV. You can see how bright the lights  are even when its not dark yet. J Crew Productions DJ VJ MC and Now Lighting. Making it an events you’ll remember!

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