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PA Setup for Fundraisers

PA Setup for doing fundraisers.

Do you need a PA setup and great family friendly music played. Need announcements to be announced so everyone knows what’s coming up next.

I have done sound systems at a church to many stage productions where you have multiple microphones going at once and maybe even a performers in between.

Video production with powerpoint to videos that need to be played on cue.

Stage lighting 

Whatever your needs are I can make it happened 

Heres an example of what I do:

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life

I D.J. many ACS relays with 11 years of experience. Entertainment chair for Fair Oaks relay for seven years. Also I was sent to summit for further training. A/V for the Great Valley North RCS. For 3 yrs. And now I get to help out A/V for the Great Valley central RCS.
Just to let you know a few things I do at relays-
Music for all 24hours, karaoke, jeopardy at night, pictures of the event, pictures of survivors for the luminary ceremony, at night music videos on a video screen, stage lighting for the bands and all night events, a cordless mics for all ceremony’s, 12 channel mixing board for bands, four mains and two stage monitors. All pictures taken will be available online.
My goal is to help you do the relay the way you want to, with my experience we can make it happen. By doing theme laps, mission delivery, Ms. Relay, making announcements, and anything else needed. I believe in what ACS stands for this is why I try and do so many events.

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